The strategic planning aspects of the Kappa sessions most certainly got us onto the same page and put us on the right path for making some hard decisions, and we are still living with positive residual effects of that process even today.

Ray Ozzie, Founder, Chairman and CEO
Groove Networks



At YesMail, we were entering on an exciting growth opportunity in an explosive market. We had to rapidly build our organization accordingly, and KappaEast was terrific in helping us define our competitive strengths, build our sales processes and maintain the discipline to stay focused on consistent execution. In the face of enormous competition, we emerged as the clear market leader and delivered a 20X return for our investors.

Dave Tolmie, Partner
The Edgewater Funds



At EMC Software Corp., we have always believed in a strong vision and strategy. From our founders insightful views of the Document Management market to our current vision of enterprise content management, KappaEast has been there to help us shape that vision and probably more importantly, execute on it. KappaEast’s management has an uncanny way of managing strategic process and adding tremendous value to the company. We appreciate the relationship and wouldn’t be where we are today without it.

Dave DeWalt, President
EMC Software Corp.



I have used KappaEast to facilitate strategic planning in two different companies. The first company grew from $60M in revenue to almost $1B in revenue within 5yrs.The second company was a raw startup of nine people and grew to over $200M in revenue within three years. Neither firm would have experienced the growth without the benefit of the Kappa’s strategic planning and facilitation expertise. Their value add was very significant.

David Peterschmidt, CEO
Openwave, Inc.



KappaEast hosted a strategy session with ZixCorp’s management team where we built consensus and updated the company’s strategy. But, unlike many strategies that get crafted but never implemented, KappaEast drove our team through a thorough but crisp exercise to flush out required actions and responsibilities to turn strategy into reality. The experienced KappaEast team quickly grasped ZixCorp’s core issues and the group dynamics and applied their process and expertise to move the group to discuss and resolve the necessary issues. The KappaEast methodology led to a very speedy and practical approach to strategy development and action. Even more — they accomplished this feat with professionalism and humor.”

Rick Spurr, CEO (acting), President and COO



Our goal was to provide a healthcare solution that would revolutionize how patients find and communicate with doctors. What we envisioned had never been done before – and those that had have come before us and tried – failed. Therefore our Management team needed the support and guidance from a proven trusted advisor to ensure we would be successful. KappaEast was the answer by helping us get to market quickly with a service that would become an integral solution in improving the American healthcare system.”

Greg Sandler, Founder
DocInsight, Inc.

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