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“The Kappa methodology has been the instrumental framework we use to drive the process of company building. Kappa is at their best moderating groups of bright people with good intentions but often with conflicting opinions on business strategy and vision. Kappa provides these groups with a forum that results in clear, actionable purpose and focus. What I appreciate the most is that the Kappa outcome emphasizes action, accountability and the means to track both.”

William Conis – Director, Siemens

The KappaEast strategic planning methodology has been successfully applied across a wide variety of vertical industries and organizational environments from large enterprises, business units and major functional organizations to non-profits and public sector situations – anywhere a management team must reach consensus on complex, critical decisions.

    • For highly competitive, high-stakes situations such as a startup, a new market entry, a new product introduction or a large enterprise deal, KappaEast has conducted War Games for numerous clients. The War Game is a live competitive simulation that creates across the team a greater sensitivity and awareness of the competitive threats and risks and facilitates a higher level, more robust competitive strategy and a greater urgency in execution.
    • Many KappaEast clients have taken advantage of the opportunity for synergy between the KappaEast planning/strategy and sales performance expertise – strategy implementation depends on, and is leveraged by, effective sales performance and sales performance depends on a comprehensive, integrated strategy for best results.
    • The KappaEast sales performance engagements also cover a wide variety of industries and company size but are primarily for the business to business, large deal, and direct and indirect channel models. Sales performance engagements focus on the design and implementation of a Sales Operations Management Process and often extend into a number of related and complementary areas such as sales skills training, management training, SFA/CRM consultation and business process design. KappaEast provides in-depth analysis of, and “on-the-team” involvement for, “must win” deals, as well as, interim sales management services on an as needed basis.
    • Over the course of the last decade, former clients, referrals and associates have increasingly engaged KappaEast in startup situations where focus and execution and building a sales engine are especially critical. The “bursting of the bubble” has only heightened the need for greater discipline and rigor in the management of startups and the value of the KappaEast expertise.
  • Venture firms have recognized the value of the KappaEast expertise and startup experience and have deployed KappaEast engagements as an incremental investment to “improve the odds” for a portfolio company, to enhance the venture firm’s interactions with both pre- and post- investment companies, and to improve their own focus and execution.
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