Sales Funnel Capabilities

  • Each sales rep must input, and keep current, the following for each of their opportunities
  • Description of the opportunity
  • Deal size in dollars
  • The position in the funnel based on the last phase line accomplished
  • Expected client decision date
  • Any additional forecasting information specific to the company‚Äôs sales operations management process
  • Using the Funnel, each sales rep will be able to self diagnose and answer questions such as:
  • Am I making quota for the month/quarter?
  • Am I qualifying enough new business this month/quarter to make quota next month/quarter?
  • Do I have enough business in my funnel?
  • Am I making real progress and is my funnel flowing?
  • How long is my sales cycle and what is my hit rate and average deal size
  • How do my metrics compare to others?
  • Using the Funnel, managers should be able to answer the above questions for their territory as well as questions such as:
    • What deals are expected to close by month end? quarter end? year end?
    • Where do we need to focus to make this quarter, make next quarter?
    • Where do we lose deals or get stuck?
    • What is the variance in sales performance metrics and what can be done to increase productivity of specific reps and across the board?
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