Competitive Strategy

    • The KappaEast approach is focused on strategy and execution to increase competitive effectiveness – establishing a winning competitive advantage
    • Michael Porter’s fundamentals of competitive advantage are the cornerstone of the approach:
    • Competitive advantage can only be defined in customer terms – issues that are important to the customer(s)
    • Competitive advantage is relative – not strengths and weaknesses, but better or worse than the competitor in satisfying the customer’s issues (in the customer’s eyes)
    • The approach is based on combining Porter’s fundamentals with Ohmae’s 3Cs (Customer, Competitors, Company) for a step-by-step process that results in pictures of competitive advantage and strategy and the actions necessary to produce the advantage in the marketplace

Step 1:
What are the issues/decision criteria the customer will use to decide who to buy from

Step 2: What is the customer’s current perception of our ability to satisfy each issue vs the competitor’s ability; better than, equal to or worse than

Step 3: What changes in the customer’s perception will we commit to accomplish that tip the balance in our favor

Step 4: What must be done, by when, by whom to affect the necessary changes in customer perception

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