Strategic Planning

Management teams everywhere struggle with focus and execution.

Where do we need to be in 1-2 years? – what’s the strategy? – why can’t we meet commitments? Although everyone on the management team has answers to these questions and many more like them, the problem is that the answers aren’t always the same across the team. The lack of common focus causes execution to be suboptimal. Even though everyone works very hard, the results never are what they can and should be. This is an issue that cuts across Fortune 2000 companies, business units, functional departments and startups and venture firms.

The KappaEast strategic planning approach is designed to enable the management team of any size or type organization to quickly develop common, consensus answers to the questions critical to the success of the enterprise and commit to execute the few right things necessary for the maximum collective effect – sharper focus, violent execution.


KappaEast Planning Construct

The KappaEast approach incorporates a series of tool-based modules arranged in a linked, cascading process and delivered in a facilitated workshop environment. The tools allow the team to build answers to the larger planning questions in manageable small steps while the proven overall process ensures completeness and consistency in the total result.

The KappaEast approach is a rigorous yet practical regimen for management teams to achieve the requisite focus and execution. The results of the approach include:

    • Full participation of the team creates a more common perspective across the team, maximizes the quality of the thinking and maximizes commitment to the execution of the plan
    • The single, integrated process eliminates the confusion of the multiple and/or missing definitions for the typical business planning jargon, i.e. what is a strategy and how do I know when I have one?
    • The approach identifies the critical path accomplishments necessary to effectively implement the strategy and enables identification and elimination of “nice but not necessary” activities that drain resources.
  • Once in place, the KappaEast approach is a framework that provides an enduring foundation for ongoing success.