Making Deals Happen

Too many proposals, not enough wins. We are just not getting our fair share. 

  • Will our solution address the customes business problem?
  • Are we leaving money on the table (appropriate up scope)?
  • Do we understand the barriers to close?
  • Do we understand the competition and have we differentiated our solution?
  • Do we know the vendors selection criteria and the timeline for making a decision?
  • Who are the key decision makers and influencers and their respective issues? Are we ahead or behind the competition on these issues?
  • Who should we call on next?
  • Have we established positive business relationships between our executive team and the customers executives?
  • What is the plan for the next customer contact and do we know exactly what we are trying to accomplish?

Answering these questions and closing deals are common challenges of all sales reps, especially those that are under performing. Increased pressure from sales management to work harder on closing the deal typically results in heightened frustration for the sales rep and sales manager yielding unsatisfactory outcomes. The idea behind the Deal Diagnostic is to quickly grasp the estimate of the situation to enable the sales rep to immediately begin working smarter not harder towards closing the deal. Following up with Deal Execution ensures that the sales rep and manager maintain this insight and discipline through the sales cycle.