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Management teams everywhere struggle with focus and execution. Where do we need to be in 1-2 years? – what’s the strategy? – why can’t we meet commitments? Although everyone on the management team has answers to these questions and many more like them, the problem is that the answers aren’t always the same across the team. The lack of common

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Sales execs and CEO’s invariably, at one time or another, experience the awareness that – “we need to increase our sales performance, our sales productivity.” This awareness is always accompanied by one or more of the following: “we need more deals, bigger deals, shorter sales cycle or higher hit rates”. The challenge is not to succumb to the knee-jerk reaction

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Too many proposals, not enough wins we are just not getting our fair share. Will our solution address the customes business problem? Are we leaving money on the table (appropriate up scope)? Do we understand the barriers to close? Do we understand the competition and have we differentiated our solution? Do we know the vendors selection criteria?

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