Deal Diagnostic

Understand what it is really going to take to close a “must win” deal.

Template 1: At a Glance – to be completed by the rep prior to the Deal Diagnostic session which provides basic account profile information

Template 2: Estimate of the Situation – provides a description of the opportunity and all relevant issues

Template 3: Decision Map – identifies the individuals involved in making the decision including roles and issues

Template 4: Positioning Grid – a graphical representation of the current and future planned relationships between the vendor and customer executive personnel

Template 5: Call Plan – the specific purposes and objectives of the next sales call

Template 6: Recommendations – provided by the KappaEast consultant to the sales team at the conclusion of the Deal Diagnostic Deal Diagnostic results in:

  • Common sales team focus, with aligned execution
  • Enhanced communication and decision making between the sales team
  • Better, quicker “course corrections,” increasing the probability of closing the deal